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~ My little world ~

You are what you think


My Never Ending Dream

I'm NEWS's fangirl, especialy love Shige so much ♥
Toma is my first love who lead me to Johnny's Entertainment and help me found my true love ♥
My OTPs as expected are KOYASHIGE and TOMAPI ♥
I love both of them. I love the way they understand eachother just like themselves ♥
I love to read Shige's Jweb and essay. The more I read the more I love him. Because he always taught me something new that I never realise ♥
With me, Wagahai is the cutest cat ever ♥
I hope oneday I can come to Japan and attend NEWS's concert. That's my dream ♥
And...Do you know? I very very want to make friend with all of you ♥

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